Saturday, April 9, 2011

Corruption & Marketing

You are corrupted. I am corrupted. Everybody is corrupted.

The moment you born you become corrupted.

That’s may be sad but it’s the truth.

Demosthenes was a great politician of ancient Greece. He said it already around the IV century BC in Athens.

You could say it all comes from the power, money, hypocrisy.

But anthropology believes it comes from the language.

The moment the primitives began to talk, they began to be corrupted.


If we would all agree, we would not need to talk.

We would walk on the streets with a big smile. Maybe because we would be trying to bite the flies for lunch.

Evolution went into another direction.

We use the language to achieve an agreement.

This means that we first are corrupted and we talk to try to set a shared knowledge.

Marketing is way full of corruption because every brand says that its product is the best one on the planet.

We don’t agree, usually.

Marketing has to create a shared knowledge between the brand and the clients.

In order to achieve it, you need to create a common language through a clear brand identity.

To avoid corruption, you need to be able to talk to your clients.

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