Thursday, April 21, 2011

Advertising & Marketing of Jewelry

Jewelry is the temptation that no woman can resist in the world. Every woman is crazy about the ornaments. Jewelry can be defined as the ornaments that are worn by men and women to accessorize or for personal adornment. Basically jewelry is used to intensify the beauty; jewelry items basically include bracelets, necklaces, rings, anklets, earrings etc. When it comes to running jewelry business, it needs thorough planning at every step. Jewelry business seems very profitable but to reach at that stage you should establish itself in the jewelry business sector as a brand. There is so much variety and so much competition in this business that marketing of the business has becomes very crucial. When you are starting a new jewelry business, at the initial stage you have to make marketing plans to promote the business.

Strategies for marketing and advertising jewelry business

In jewelry business presentation matters a lot and it is a critical aspect for attracting more and more customers. Marketing is that area where you can use your own creative abilities to derive new and innovative ways to capture target customers. Skipping this step can lead to wastage of time, money and efforts. Marketing is basically a collection of tools to search for potential customers and to persuade them to turn into actual buyers and advertising is a part of marketing and other parts are sale promotion, publicity, personal selling and public relations which can be used as a way to increase sales either collectively or individually depends on the company's needs and financial strength.

But firstly in the starting you have to do market research to know about your potential consumers and gain all the information regarding them. You should try to get data about their age, sex, profession they are in, lifestyle, tastes and preferences. Only then you can decide about the marketing strategy that is best suited to your target consumers. Once you are done with market research, then the planning department will be able to make marketing plans to achieve the desired results. Planning department can derive many kinds of strategies at the same time to boost the sales. There are some strategies that are used to market and advertise jewelry business to get the desired sales. Strategies can be online and it can be offline also depending upon the target customers and the area you want to capture, online marketing is affordable and easy to do whereas offline marketing is quite expensive. Strategies can be divided in two broad areas.

Online marketing

• Website creation: Create a website for your company and display all your products and their price range. You can take help of some web design company to do it for you. You can also implement an e-cart application for customers to place an order online with the help of the web design company.

• Online advertising: You can publish banner advertisements, pop-up advertisements showing the name of your company and current products on social networking and other sites related to jewelry business.

• Newsletters you should start your company's newsletter in which potential consumers can sign up and get updates of new products and news about latest jewelry collections, special offers and discounts.

• Auction: Put your jewelry on auction on eBay. E Bay provides you with a secure platform to sell you jewelry products online.

• Email your friends and family the online link of your websites and other shopping sites non which you have put the products for sale. They can also be the potential customers.

• Talking on message boards and building links with other jewelry owners can also help in marketing.

Offline marketing

• Hold an inauguration party: Holding an inauguration party for your new business enterprise is the effective way to make the people aware about your company. You should also place a notice in the newspaper inviting all.

• Offering discounts and promotion offers: Giving promotional offers and promotional products as gifts and discounts is also a good way of promoting your brand. Some of the promotional products you can use for this are engraved pen, office flap bags, coffee mugs, mouse pads, T-shirts, office accessories, calendars, travel pouches etc

• Organizing promotional event: Hold a special event for your company’s brand promotion. Put a notice in the newspaper inviting all. Offer discounts to selected customers or you organize a lucky draw. Give a trendy name to the event.

• Press release: Place an advertisement in the newspapers; you can also publish your company’s website with it so people can check your products and services online. You can also give a advertisement in classified column of the newspaper for local customers or if you want to cater the customers all over India it should be on the page that is most read by the newspaper readers.

• Business cards: Have your business cards printed, by the help of some printing company, that should have your company’s name along with the contact number and website address. In addition it should also have your company’s logo. Hand it out to people you met at social events, parties to give a word out about your business.

• Yellow pages: Placing advertisements in the yellow pages whether online or offline gives your company an exposure, so that an interested customer can find out about your company and can avail your services.

• TV commercials: Giving advertisements on TV can make your brand popular through out the country.


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